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Why is This IKEA Different Than All Other IKEAS?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
In more IKEA Eshtaol news, Shemesh is reporting that the meat restaurant has finally just oepened.
As well, people were questioning why this branch of all the branches, this branch right next door to a large Haredi community, would not have a Kehilot hechsher, but only had a Mateh yehuda hechsher with the rabbi saying all the products are form Kehilot, Rubin and Eida hechshers - but the hechsher itself was not one most in the Haredi community (and maybe plenty in other religious communities) would eat. So why would this branch be different from all other branches? Why is this IKEA different than all other IKEAS?  Ma Nishtana?
The answer might be "so the children will ask".
But it is not.
I do not know why, but the Shemesh news is also reporting that they have now gotten the Kehillot kashrut teuda in IKEA Eshtaol, so while the question remains unanswered, it has also become irrelevant.
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