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Why is the OPT-OUT Option Vital for Your Email Marketing Strategy?

By Mystique @PaulBies
Why is the OPT-OUT option vital for your email marketing strategy?

It's Wednesday morning. You have your newsletter composed and ready to be emailed out to your permission based list. You're hoping it receives appreciation and gets read. So why should you include that unsubscribe option in your message? Why do you give your readers an opportunity to opt-out even when they've taken the time to opt-in?

Having that opt-out or unsubscribe link in an email plays an important role. Unfortunately, people often forget to include it.

Here are four reasons why you should make it a staple in your next email:
  • First of all, it's the law - According to the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, when sending out commercial electronic messages (CEM) one must "provide a working unsubscribe mechanism" for email recipients. To inform yourself further on what your CEMs must include, visit the government site we've attached at the bottom. Besides the fact that an Opt-out button is a must, the option serves your business well.
  • It shows your contacts you value your interaction with them - Giving them the option to opt-out of your newsletters and emails whenever they choose, avoids the invasion of space. With this empathetic- like gesture, your readers are able to feel comforted. This request of permission instead demonstrates that you respect their space and value the invitation to it.
  • Goodbye spam affiliation - Having this option within an email shows your contacts that your purpose is to provide them with a service: link them to informative content. Your email goes from something that can easily be confused with spam, to a source that will provide them with useful information. Not only does this add professionalism to your email, but it also avoids having negative associations with your brand.
  • It increases your open rate - While you never want someone to unsubscribe, one positive benefit of them doing so is that your open rate percentage will increase. And it's always good to illustrate to 'the powers that be' that your email campaigns are performing well and returning a substantial return on investment.

So the next time you compose your next email campaign, be sure to include the Opt-out option. Best case scenario, in the hunting process for the unsubscribe button, your reader will open and skim your message!

* Canadian CME legislation

Why is the OPT-OUT option vital for your email marketing strategy?

Celeste Alfaro
Marketing Intern
Mystique Brand Communications

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