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Why Include Funny Things When Learning Foreign Languages

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If you are a consistent reader in our blog from time to time, you’ve probably noticed that we sometimes include funny themes in the blog. There are funny English, funny French, funny Spanish, and all kinds of funny languages that would be considered not just for the sake of making the readers laugh but also give them inspiration that behind the laughter is an unmerited learning to acquire.


Funny themes are very helpful in making learners learn foreign languages. One of the reasons these are counted as learning tools is that it adds up the spice in the learning. It is an undeniable fact that sometimes, language learning could be tedious sometimes. If you’re taking foreign language courses in language institutions, you’ll probably get bored with the routine of going in and out in the campus. To make the learning more interesting, language teachers may tend to include funny things in the lessons. This is a good motivator to push the learner from getting too burned out of the learning. It will make them feel excited and thus pursue such learning in a more enjoyable manner.


Of course, we cannot also set aside the importance of funny things when we learn language because a learner will always commit mistakes during the learning process. It’s not that we’re making fun of the mistakes. Instead, the said mistakes will be considered as hilarious experiences that we could actually get to recall when we finally get to master it.


When times comes you will detail a little experience of your life in terms of language learning, you may want to narrate how you experienced getting mistakes in simple spelling and recitation quizzes, get wrong grammar while ordering in a coffee shop, and all sort of things. Again, these will not suppose to make us feel bad or something. In fact, it will serve as inspiration as to how you were so poor during your early learning and now you became so great because you already know and master the language.


Of course, the last but not least reason why we include funny things is basically to make the readers LOL and ROFL. Do you know what these means? LOL means “laughing out loud” and ROFL means “rolling on the floor laughing”. As a writer of this blog, I personally want to let my readers enjoy what he’s reading, you know. That would set the perfect ambiance to get motivated in language learning.


So if you’re sad and you’re looking for funny articles, you may feel free to browse our blogs. Pardon me if I sound serious here, but you can laugh all you want once you get to read our funny articles posted on the previous days. Feel free to explore.

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