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Why I Won’t Use Shareaholic To Share Your Posts

By Lisa @Lisapatb

No Shareaholic For Me – What About You?

Shareaholic – The share button that makes me cringe whenever I visit a blog and want to share their great post via the social networks. You know the one right? The share button that takes forever to load and then when you do get it to load it reads via Shareaholic. It must not be simple for users to use their own tweet or other social signs in since so many don’t. Almost every blog I visit has via Shareaholic. It drives me mad, what about you?


Why Not Shareaholic?

  • It takes too long to load most of the time. Can you really afford to wait another 5-10 seconds to share another post?
  • Many blogs or websites do not change the via Shareaholic and then you have to look up their Twitter username if you want them to know you are sharing their post. Is it hard to set-up?
  • I’m partial to Share Juice. I do love Share Juice because of it’s hovering ability over images to pin easily onto Pinterest. I would happy to see others with it or using Digg Digg which I used to use prior to Share Juice.

What Else Drives You Crazy on Share Buttons?

share buttons

Any share button that takes time to find is a reason to go away without sharing. Some share buttons do not work well on mobile. I remember the Digg Digg button that used to be on the side of posts would hide posts on mobile sites. Not a good thing! But having them underneath or above the posts worked fine.

How Many Share Buttons Exist?

Other than Shareaholic there are many other choices out there for you.

Share Juice – The first month is FREE and after that it is $17 per month and I am an affiliate as I love this share button. You can place the buttons anywhere on your site and in any order you choose.

Digg Digg – A pretty good alternative. Just be sure not to use along the side of your posts or they will not be read on mobile. They did look great on the side too as they floated there.

Share This – Another share button alternative with lots of choices of style buttons to choose from.

Add This – They have a lot of choices of different buttons and placements.

Add To Any – Another choice of social share buttons for you.

Simple Share Buttons – This one is an actual plugin. They do offer some pretty button selections.

Sharre – A Jquery plugin that allows you to create buttons to integrate with your actual design.

Why Are Share Buttons Important?

Share buttons help your content get spread throughout the web. They also can increase engagement to and from your blog. So picking the best share buttons you can will help to spread your content further out into the web. Isn’t that what you want?

What are your favorite social share buttons to use?  How many have you tried out?  Have you used Shareaholic? 

*One thing I will say about Shareaholic, they are great responding on Twitter.

@AdrienneSmith40 Thanks for sharing this, Adrienne. I saw your comment and we’re working on improvements to make the experience seamless :)

— Shareaholic (@Shareaholic) February 14, 2014

Thanks to Corina from Not Now Mom’s Busy blog for asking about the share buttons and the inspiration for this post.

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