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Why I Use Work to Get Personal

Posted on the 19 March 2015 by Andreaantal @andreaeantal
Why I use work to get personal

I want my website to be a mishmash of all the things that make me, me. As a copywriter, I use this platform to illustrate my skills so that you'll hire me for your PR & marketing copywriting projects, but I also enjoy sharing my experiences and connecting with others on a variety of levels, topics and interests, both professionally and personally. Who knows, maybe you'll hire me because I'm a good fit for your business needs, or at the very least, we'll strike up a good chat based on our common curiosities and experiences.

On the occupational side of things, I'll write just about anything for any industry. I've written website copy for financial institutions, blog content for beauty brands, social media posts for luxury hotels, press releases for private business clubs, and the list goes on and on; but I'm so much more than a freelance copywriter here in Dubai.

What drives my passion for writing is also what drives me on a daily basis, and while much of that is work-related, I'm also a lady of the house, wife, mom, and expat in Dubai - among many other things, as I'm sure you'll discover.

As a copywriter, I don't only want to share content marketing tips and how-to's on my own site, because frankly, it can become a bit of a bore. So, I like to mix a bit of business and pleasure, offering up some of my professional wisdom with my own personal familiarities.

I also like to shed light on what life's like for me and connect with you the good old organic way. And, just for the record, that's how businesses should connect with their clients too. Business isn't just about selling, it's about connecting.

I invite you to click around my website and get to know me a bit better. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Let's connect!


About Andrea Antal

Andrea Antal is a freelance copywriter in Dubai, UAE. She works with businesses to enhance their content marketing, including press releases, blog content, social media posts, website copy and articles. She is also the founder of the Dubai Events Network, a web-based marketing company, serving the information needs of Dubai's growing corporate and special event industry. Get in touch with Andrea to discuss your copywriting project today.

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