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Why I'm for the Brady Bill...

Posted on the 20 December 2012 by Mikeb302000
People seem to forget that there was a certain incident that led to the creation of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley.
I would add that President Reagan and Jim Brady were surrounded by armed Secret Service Agents.
This was written by Ronald Reagan, in announcing support for the Brady bill yesterday, reminded his audience he is a member of the National Rifle Association
So, next time you say that "gun control" is "liberal", remember that people like Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan supported it.
Published: March 29, 1991

Why I'm for the Brady Bill

"Anniversary" is a word we usually associate with happy events that we like to remember: birthdays, weddings, the first job. March 30, however, marks an anniversary I would just as soon forget, but cannot.

It was on that day 10 years ago that a deranged young man standing among reporters and photographers shot a policeman, a Secret Service agent, my press secretary and me on a Washington sidewalk.

I was lucky. The bullet that hit me bounced off a rib and lodged in my lung, an inch from my heart. It was a very close call. Twice they could not find my pulse. But the bullet's missing my heart, the skill of the doctors and nurses at George Washington University Hospital and the steadfast support of my wife, Nancy, saved my life.

Jim Brady, my press secretary, who was standing next to me, wasn't as lucky. A bullet entered the left side of his forehead, near his eye, and passed through the right side of his brain before it exited. The skills of the George Washington University medical team, plus his amazing determination and the grit and spirit of his wife, Sarah, pulled Jim through. His recovery has been remarkable, but he still lives with physical pain every day and must spend much of his time in a wheelchair.

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