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Why I Love Wednesdays..." First Meet" Scene

By Bookaholic @BookReflections
Why I Love Wednesdays...
I am returning with my new feature... Why I love which takes place on Wednesdays. Today's proclamation of love concerns our Favorites "First Meet" Scenes.  This basically describes the memorable time when characters meet for the first time.
Why I Love...The 1st Time Charlotte & Wilbur Meet
I had to go back to old school for this one.  One of my favorite introductions of characters occurs in Charlotte's Web when Charlotte, a spider, greets, Wilbur the pig.
"Salutations!" said the voice.
Wilbur jumped to his feet. "Salu-what?" he cried.
"Salutations!" repeated the voice.
"What are they, and where are you?" screamed Wilbur. "Please, please, tell me where you are. And what are salutations?"
When Wilbur gets it together he looks up and realizes that he is talking to a lady Grey spider who he finds to be pretty.  I think that is sooooo cute.  I mean, really.  I pig finding a spider pretty is kind of cute especially in a children's book.  But what I remember most about this scene is what happens next.  Charlotte wraps up another bug to drink it's blood and grosses Wilbur out.  Lol.  So  much for cute.
Why I Love Wednesdays...
I know I'm a dork but for some reason, it is so much easier for me to remember scenes like this in books that I read when I was younger than the scenes I read these days.  I wonder why that is...
Which "First Meet" scenes do you love? Feel free to create your own post and link up.  Don't want to create an entire post?  Tell me your favorites in the comments.  Thanks for stopping by for another week of Why I Love Wednesdays!!

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