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Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

By Eemusings @eemusings

why i hate vaalentine's day

Seriously. I don’t care about Valentine’s Day at all.

As a singleton, it’s a surefire way to feel terrible about your aloneness.

As a couple, it’s about stupid societal pressure to validate your love through grand, sweeping gestures.

Me, I’m not one for overdone romantic schtick. (But then again, I’m not engaged to a millionaire. Maybe things would be different if we played in the world of private yachts, holiday homes and personal chefs. We exist in a much more humble and down-to-earth dimension.) The best thing I could possibly imagine (on Valentine’s Day or any other day) would be to come home to dinner and a freshly scrubbed house. Literally.

Valentine’s Day is about expecting guys in particular to go all out and to plan insanely amazing days for their partners. And as girls, are we supposed to feel let down or as though missing out – or as if our BFs are lacking – if they don’t come up with extravagant gifts and gestures?

Thursday will be just another day, as we more or less ignore it. Maybe we’ll go out to eat, and maybe I’ll go watch The Princess Bride down at Silo Park with some friends.

Tell me, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day? What’s the most/least romantic gesture anyone ever made towards you?

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