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Why I Hate the Top Ten Stocks You Should Buy for 2013 Lists

Posted on the 09 January 2013 by Mdelp


why I hate the top ten stocks you should buy for 2013 lists
It seems everywhere I turn I’m running into some version of the top ten stocks/funds to buy in 2013.

These lists make me want to scream and here’s why:

  • I have no cash available to buy these stocks because all of the money I had I put into the top ten stocks to buy in 2012.  Actually, all my money was already invested in the top ten stocks to buy in 2011 lists and I had to sell my 8-track stereo and a few pints of blood to find more money to buy the top ten 2012 stocks.
  • I don’t know how much of each stock to buy. Am I supposed to buy an equal number of shares of each stock on the list or an equal dollar amount of each stock or some random mix?
  • I find it very odd how one list can fit every reader regardless if they are 18 or 81 years old.
  • These stocks are being pitched as the “Ferraris” of the stock market but my investment style is more along the lines of a “reliable family sedan” but who wants to keep driving a “reliable family sedan” when the sales person is urging you to take the “Ferrari” for a spin.
  • If these stocks were really that strong shouldn’t I be seeing most of the same names year-after year not a fresh new crop of names every year?
  • Why does every top ten stocks to buy for 2013 list seem to have completely different top ten stocks to buy for 2013?

How do you feel about these lists?

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