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Why I Don't Feel Sorry for Prince Harry

By Expatmum @tonihargis
Little bit behind in commenting on Prince Harry's naked romps in Las Vegas but still....

There's an ad campaign in the States that says "What happens here, stays here." (See above)  It's referring to Las Vegas. Unfortunately when you're third in line to the British throne and the sleaze papers pay your so-called friends mega bucks for any photo of you, - not so much.
I'm not condemning what Harry did; I don't care either way to be honest. What I did find astonishing was the attitude in some parts that his privacy had been violated and he ought to be given a break, etc. etc. Of course his privacy was violated; that's the way of the sleb world these days isn't it? Although he hasn't invited the cameras in, Kardashian-style, he's had twenty eight years to understand that every move he makes is snapped by paparazzi, and sadly, when in private, not all his friends are true friends. What surprises me is that he hasn't learned that yet.
And you know Harry, when you have the lifestyle you have, it's kinda hard to feel sorry for you when you do stupid things. Yes, it must be hard living in a fishbowl, but that's the flip side of the incredibly privileged lifestyle you have. And while it sucks that you never quite know which of your friends you can trust on any given day, I have a feeling that not everyone included in that naked snooker game was a life-long friend. In fact some of them I'm guessing, you had only just met.
So, you take the rough with the smooth. Stop acting like a teenager and perhaps there'll be less of those photos to explain to grandma.
PS. I have just discovered that my kids are also descended from the 1st Baron Spencer (Robert, born 1570) - so quit embarrassing us!

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