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Why I’d Never Make It on The Amazing Race

By Eemusings @eemusings

These holidays I’m republishing some of my older posts for readers who might not have seen them first time around. Enjoy!

I would love to go on The Amazing Race. It’s not the ideal way to see the world, but you’d get to see some of it for sure, and not just the tourist spots! And you can’t deny it would be the experience of a lifetime.   127_amazing_race_468

I don’t know who I’d be paired with, though. I couldn’t do it with T. I know it, and he even says he couldn’t go with me. We’d probably kill each other. I’d have a breakdown on the second day and get lost in Panama City, never to be seen again. I’m a stressball at the best of times – imagine how much exponentially worse I would be on something like The Amazing Race.

And I don’t kid myself that I would make it through more than a couple of rounds at most… I suck at map reading, getting directions and finding my way round strange places. The lack of sleep, and disruption and being in loud, unfamiliar, often dirty places where they drive on the wrong side of the road would get to me. And no doubt I’d probably be edited to portray a neurotic, angry, emotional ditz.

I can definitely think of a couple of friends who I think I could do it with for shits and giggles, but again we’d probably be eliminated almost right away. I’m sure we’d have a blast along the way though.

So, could you go on the Amazing Race with your other half?
Who would you go with?
And what kind of character would they paint you as?

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