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Why I Blame the NRA, Gun Manufacturers and the Gun-Rights Activists

Posted on the 18 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
 Yahoo news reports
Three people were killed Thursday after a chaotic shooting scene that had crowds running for cover in a crime-ridden section of Louisville.
Two men — Tyson Mimms, 24 and Craig Bland Jr., 22 — were killed Thursday afternoon in a shooting that attracted dozens of onlookers anxious for answers in the city's Russell neighborhood, which is dotted with boarded-up houses.
As police investigated and a host of media gathered nearby, shots rang out about four houses down. Makeba Lee, 24, was killed after she was shot by a woman who had gotten into an argument with her about the incident, police said.
Gun availability is one of the major contributing factors in these stories. And the factor of gun availability can be blamed on the NRA, the gun manufacturers and the gun-rights advocates. Here's how it works.
There are three main ways in which guns are channeled into the criminal world. 1. straw purchasing, 2. personal sales without background checks, and 3. theft. Each of those are still viable because of the lack of common-sense legislation which would either eradicate them or severely diminish them.
Who do you think is fighting tooth and nail to prevent licensing and registration which would eliminate straw purchasing, and universal background checks which would stop criminals from buying guns from lawful sellers, and safe storage laws which would cut way down on theft?
That's why I blame them. We all agree that criminals and gang bangers are always going to do their thing, but allowing them easy access to guns is wrong.
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