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Why Grooming Matters So Much

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport


Ah grooming.  It’s one of those ‘chores’ that many people avoid a lot of the time.  I mean who likes ironing?  Who loves blowdrying their hair?  And if I had a dollar for every woman who’d said to me she doesn’t have time to apply any makeup ….  well I’d have at least $789.

Yet, when you see any makeover, a large part of the transformation is down to a flattering hairstyle and makeup.

Grooming is the first thing that goes when we are sick (or tired).  We just can’t be bothered if we’re not feeling great.

It’s an important part of our self-care routine, which should also include doing some sort of exercise and eating a reasonably healthy diet.  And I know from seeing the reactions of those who even spend a little time each day on putting together their outfits for my Evolve Your Style challenge that doing this has a positive knock on effect on the rest of their lives.

Yet good grooming says that we are “together” mentally.  That we are in control of our life.

Poor grooming can say we are sloppy or lazy.  Is that the message you want to give out?

Think of someone you would consider stylish …. now tell me are they well groomed or not?

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Take Action

Clean out your makeup cupboard.  There is no point in having lots of makeup in colours that don’t flatter you.  If you have a color palette hold it up and compare it to the makeup.  If the colours don’t work together then the makeup is the wrong color for you.  Makeup will be more muted in general than your palette, but it should be in the same undertone spectrum.

Learn to apply makeup in a quick and easy way for you.  There are so many makeup videos on the internet to use as guidance.  I’ve got my 5 minute makeup routine plus some tips on choosing makeup colours from foundation to the sheen level

Consider your hairstyle.  Is it fast and easy to do (I have a 3 minute maximum for my hair)?  If not, book an appointment and talk to your hairdresser about a better style that works with your hair rather than against it.  Then commit to spending that 3 minutes (or whatever it is) a day to do it.

Leggings with waterfall cardigan
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