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Why FREE PLANET Will Never Happen

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
why FREE PLANET will never happen"Quite a bold statement, that, Mike," why will FREE PLANET never happen?
Why do you care?
No, seriously, "Do you even care?"
So, erm, embarrassing outburst moment happened, "Like, what's your point, Mike?" and why are you speaking to yourself in this public fashion?
FREE PLANET, the novel - the answers are all in there.
"Really, so this post is just another cynical pre-publishing marketing exercise for a book that no one'll want to read?" a post-Hertzan Chimera book, a dulled edge reading experience, forgettable Philbin flop? Where's your psycho-sexual spark Philbin, where's your pervy panache, your emotional elan?
The only thing I regret in all this is that I had to write CUSTODIAN like it was some sort of corporate-serial-killer global-take-over novel; that Free Planet (as explored in multiple posts throughout this blog) had absolutely no chance of ever blossoming of its own accord, under its own steam.
The real regret (after I'm gone) is that Free Planet had to be FORCED UPON the unsuspecting, or deceived, or apoplectic public in the way described in book one: Custodian, only the ILLUSION of revolution, only the mis-sold dream. There really will be NO OTHER WAY to make you sit up and listen other than to Crusade against and then mercilessly Euthanize your collective consciousness. You The People really have to remain Collateral Damage until the for-PROFIT Global Corporation or "The Industry" gets what they want from you, i.e. total and utter domination of your mind and pocket.
Free Planet will fail, the history books will NEVER show this i.e. all memory of Free Planet will be erased from your collective database, for PROFIT's sake, for SLAVERY's sake, for the sake of TACIT COMPLIANCE to the MURDER MACHINE.

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