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Why Follow The and Challenge Tour? #golf #infographic

By Golfforbeginners
Golf fans excitedly watched this season as Jordan Spieth decisively climbed the PGA Tour ranks to become number-one atop the world rankings and, although fans think this is a wow factor, there are other tours and players who are out there grinding it out but rarely receive much attention.
Have you ever followed the or Challenge Tour?
Recently, fifty players on the Tour graduated to the PGA Tour and became card-carrying members with a chance of, one-day, winning events, getting more recognition and, perhaps, a few big-name sponsors. Some golfers' names are recognizable and others are just getting their start but one thing is for sure...dreams are alive on every Tour! tour-pga tour
Meet the fifty winners who earned a spot on the PGA Tour.
The Challenge Tour is the European Tour's answer to the Tour and has produced such recognizable names as Martin Kaymer and Louis Oosthuizen.
Why Follow The and Challenge Tour? #golf #infographic
The Challenge Tour is now featuring a "Road to Oman" Challenge ranking system - if you are a golf fan, you will know that a recent winner is a first from Italy, Matteo Delpodio.
Although fans can't possibly watch every tournament, it's interesting to follow along with lesser known tours like the or Challenge Tour.
Keeping an eye on the rankings makes you feel closer to the struggles of golfers as they attempt to rise through the ranks and into the spotlight. The "feel" of each of these Tours is quite different and offer a look into venues and countries that inspire the average golfer to improve while understanding that, in golf, we're always learning!
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