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Why Education Is Important for Society’s Development?

By The Shri Ram School
From being cave dwellers to moon invasion, human race has witnessed considerable progress.  Moreover, shelter, food, electricity etc. have led to an improvement in living standards.  While humans do have certain superior skills, it is education which differentiates them from animals and helps create better societies. 
It also gives a sense of freedom and opportunities to live a better life. While most of the people believe education to be the process of giving or receiving academic instructions, education in true sense is much more than that. It is a gradual learning process which is not just limited to the top schools in Delhi but can be received anywhere, anytime. Apart from development of society, it leads to elevation of social and economic conditions as well. Let us know why education is important for us: 
Education Helps in Spreading Awareness
Superstitions and blind faith is very prominent especially in a country like India.  People misled by such beliefs in fact do more harm than good. Education helps spread awareness by questioning such beliefs and searching for analytical and scientific reasoning behind it all.
It Helps Differentiate Between Right and Wrong
Education helps lower crime rate by promoting what’s right and controlling what’s not. Moreover, it helps make better individuals.  While educated people believe in vanishing corruption, it is the uneducated people who are more bent towards promoting it.
Leads to Progress and Development
It helps in considerable progress by opening up a host of opportunities which are not bounded by geography.
Gives a Healthy Lifestyle 
Since educated people are aware about how to live in a healthy way, they usually tend to have a longer life. Education also makes you aware regarding what to eat and what to avoid for a better, healthier life.
Helps You to Be More Productive
The more degrees you have, the better are your chances of getting economic opportunities. Moreover, there is a direct connection between education and productivity. Education is useful in helping a nation flourish, especially in today’s competition driven scenario.
It Helps in Better Cross Border Communication
Better education helps in the development of cross-border opportunities. Hence, it leads to a better world by making cross-border communication possible.  

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