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Why Do We Bother with Toys?

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Do you ever look round your play room full of toys and think "Why do I bother buying these?".
Isabelle doesn't have a huge amount of toys, but she has plenty. Almost all of them have been carefully chosen by me after a lot of thought and deliberation. We don't buy her toys on a whim, and coming up to Christmas and her birthday I can be found scouring the internet for ideas of what to get her next. I'm so lucky that our families always ask what we want, so we don't end up with piles of things that aren't our style of toy.
I do wonder though, quite often, what on earth the point is in me spending hours online looking at toys for her, before excitedly buying her presents. Because, more often than not, Isabelle doesn't even look sideways at most of her toys!
Here are some of the things she played with today...
The house phonePom poms and cut up strawsHer shoesA plastic bowlThe washing machineLollipop sticksThe back door keysCandles (unlit!)Money
She does play with her toys, especially her kitchen (although that's where she plays pom poms, making us 'Pom pom soup'), and she loves her books. But I can definitely say that she plays most often with things that are not traditional, shop bought toys. 
When I see pictures of how much other kids get for Christmas and their birthday it does make me feel like a mean mommy for only giving her a few presents. But this is the reason why. For now, my kid is just as happy playing with a 10p piece as she is playing with a £10 toy!
Why do we bother with toys?

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