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Why Do Social Realtors Protect Their Wonderful Valuable Tweets?

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Social Realtors - Why Protect Your Tweets?

Why do social realtors protect their wonderful valuable tweets?I noticed the other day a realtor tweeting away but then something strange happened when I went to follow them. They had protected tweets. It got me thinking. Why do some people especially those in business protect their tweets?

Social realtors you think would want everyone to see their tweets, right? That's one of the benefits of being on Twitter, getting to meet new people.

I've seen it over the years with small businesses and others on Twitter. Why be there if you are going to protect your tweets? Unless you are new and want to get familiar with it first, I can understand.

What are Protected Tweets vs. Public Tweets?

Protected tweets are only shown to people that you allow to follow you. Public tweets can be seen by anyone even people not on Twitter if they do a search on Google. The default option on Twitter is set to public unless you change it to protected. If you have it set to protected and change it back to public all your protected tweets from the past can be displayed for anyone to see ( just something to think about!).

Why Protect Your Tweets?

  • You are new to twitter and you just want to learn the ropes.
  • You are an elementary school teacher and you and your students are only allowed to follow each other for classroom activities.
  • You are a criminal.
  • You are being stalked - but in that case you could just block the one person.

Why You Should NOT Protect Your Tweets

  • To let other others see your tweets and get your message out there.
  • To market yourself, your small business, etc.
  • To let others follow you and read your tweets.
  • To grow your Twitter following.
  • To freely engage with others on the Twitter network.
Here is an example of what a protected tweet account looks like: Why do social realtors protect their wonderful valuable tweets?

Some people may forget that the protected their tweets and later realize it when called out on it. They can easily change their settings back to the default public option. Anyone in business like social realtors should really allow others to follow them and engage with them on the Twitter network. That's really what it's all about. If you are going to tweet let others see what you are tweeting. It would be like going to a networking event but hiding under the table all night. Why be there, right?

Here is what other peeps think of Protected Tweets

Sorry new follower with protected tweets.

No see 'em, no follow back.

- Hey Mikie! (@stlavgjoe) January 25, 2016

What's the point of Twitter if you got your tweets protected? ?

- Maryellen☔️ (@maryellen_bxtch) January 22, 2016

Protected tweets = something to hide = shouldn't be on Twitter = social media oxymoron.

- Dinesh Balliah (@DineshBalliah) February 13, 2016

when you trying to watch a Twitter fight but one side has their tweets protected

- nay.. ❣ (@trvpsoul_) February 10, 2016

Do you follow people on Twitter that protect their tweets?

Would you for any reason protect your tweets? I'd love to know in the comments!

Top Lock Image courtesy of lekkyjustdoit at Why do social realtors protect their wonderful valuable tweets? Why do social realtors protect their wonderful valuable tweets?

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