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Why Do Scorpions Glow?

By Probestpest @ProBestPest

I was asked this question again the other day and I finally found someone that I think has the best answer. I found this article “Why do scorpions glow inn the dark (and could their whole body be one big eye)? by Ed Yong 12/23/2011

But Douglas Gaffin from the University of Oklahoma has a more intriguing idea. He thinks that scorpions glow to convert the dim UV light from the moon and the stars into the color that they see best – blue-green.

In 2010, Carl Kloock found evidence for this idea. He overexposed scorpions to UV light to use up the fluorescing chemicals in their skin (which break down as they glow).

881   IMG_20130418_105745

These photo’s are from a friend David, who by the way has a few around his home (actually he is pretty good at tracking them down).

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