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Why Do Chinese Girls Find Western Men More Attractive Than Chinese Men? (Part 2)

By Mynewchinesewife @mynewchinesewife

In the last article, you can see that things other than the appearance of western men can attract Chinese girls; their courteous behavior and openhearted personality can also gain a lot of marks. Here are additional, cultural factors, explaining why some Chinese girls prefer western men.

In a Chinese girl’s mind, western men can give them more freedom and are less patriarchal. These characteristics can be traced back to their childhood. In western families, parents are more likely to give their children more freedom. They don’t worry if their kids sit on the ground and play with the mud; rather, just let them explore the world in their own way, discovering personal interests. In contrast, some Asian parents worry so much that they keep saying ‘No!’ and decide upon all the extra-curricular activities for their children. Additionally, western culture is more diverse than Chinese culture. For example, lots of Chinese teenagers only focus on mainstream culture that is controlled by the media, and they care so much about how their family and the society think. Their interests are not very broad. The differences in family background, society and culture between western countries and China make western men desire more freedom and independence from their girlfriends or wives. They worry less about what others think and do what they like. That’s why Chinese girls find western men easygoing; they have more unique personalities and are often funnier.

You might have already noticed the phenomenon that some Chinese men still live with their family during their 20s, or even 30s. This is unavoidable if someone lacks financial independence, but it is also because of traditional Chinese family values. Chinese families are more likely to live together than western families. The good side of this custom is that it might make Chinese men more filial and likely to obey to their parents and elder family members. However, the bad side is that they might become dependent and lack of their own thoughts. Western men tend to move out from their family home in their 20s to have a more independent life. Quite often they will give themselves a break after college or university in order to gain life experience. They may go traveling alone or with friends, find short-term jobs in foreign countries, or develop their interests and skills for the future. In a girl’s mind, it is often the case that an independent man is more desirable as a boyfriend or husband than a dependent man.

Now you know why some Chinese girls think that western men are preferable. The cultural differences between China and western countries have made western men quite different compared to Chinese men. It doesn’t mean western men are better boyfriends or husbands, but for some Chinese girls, western men are more suitable partners.

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