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Why Choose Visionary Eye Doctors?

By Twothirstytravellers @2thirstytrav

When it comes to your health, there are few people that you would trust except those that are trained to offer the best care. Of all the areas of the body, your eyes are the one thing that can change the most as you get older. That is why it is so important to ensure that you leave the care of them to the best people. The experts at Visionary Eye Doctors are not only there to provide the best care but also to give you a friendly service that makes you feel welcome.

Creation of Visionary Eye Doctors

Visionary Eye Doctors was created by its founder J. Alberto Martinez, MD in 1997. The goal when he set up the center was to perform the best pterygium, cataract and corneal surgery and give his patients the best service and experience possible.

Over the coming years, he and his fellow eye doctors have embraced new techniques and technology to consistently give their patients the best care possible.

Why Choose Visionary Eye Doctors?

Patient Care

One of the most important things about the people who work at Visionary Eye Care is the way they want their patients to have the best experience possible. This means that they don’t want to keep patients waiting longer than needed, and they offer refreshments to help make any waiting more pleasurable.

Although a thorough eye exam can take up to two hours to complete, it is essential to understand the patient’s eye health and offer the best treatment available. During the exam, the patients well being are always considered, and this means all the equipment needed to complete the exam is available in one place. This makes for a smoother and quicker examination.

Services Offered

One of the reasons many people choose to visit the Visionary Eye Doctors is because they offer a number of services all tailored to diagnosing and treating a variety of eye conditions.

  • Advanced Cataract Centre

Cataracts can be a slow-developing condition that can leave the patient with a distorted and limited vision. It affects the lens in the eye and is a normal part of the aging process. The fully trained eye surgeons use the latest research and technology to ensure that the cataracts are removed and treated effectively.

  • Pterygium Removal

A pterygium is a type of tissue that can grow over the eye. It starts from the nasal area and grows towards the cornea. It is sometimes known as a surfer’s eye and can be a dangerous condition as it can affect the vision. Although mild cases can be treated with eye drops, more severe cases will need surgery and the Visionary Eye Doctors have conducted a lot of research into this condition.

This research has led to the Advanced Sutureless Amniotic Membrane Pterygiectomy procedure which has a 0.06% recurrence rate which is one of the lowest in the world.

  • Dry Eye Center of Excellence

In 2017, the company set up the Dry Eye Center of Excellence to help people with all types of conditions. Dry Eye Syndrome is caused when patients’ tears are not enough to keep the front of the eye lubricated. This can lead to soreness and damage to the eye itself and is one of the most common eye conditions. The new center is designed to use the latest in research and treatment to give their patients the best care possible.


One of the most common procedures that are undertaken is laser eye surgery. For some people, the idea of wearing glasses is not practical and they want to be able to do things without having to rely on glasses. This has led to an increase in laser eye surgery and the Visionary Eye Doctors have developed new techniques and technology to provide the best results.

Along with these services, there are also others provided by the Visionary Eye Doctors.

  • Corneal Care Center
  • Retinal Care
  • Glaucoma Care

With so many services on offer, and with various locations available, it is easy to see why the Visionary Eye Center is a top choice for many people. Not only are they leading the way with research into the causes and treatment of eye conditions, but they are also keen to give their patients the best care possible.

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