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Why Choose Our Coin Meter Payment System?

Posted on the 28 April 2011 by Buyasyouview @BuyAsYouView

Here at Buy As You View, our most popular payment system is our unique Mark IV coin meter that is discretely connected to your television. The coin meter enables you to manage your finances on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis, paying for your product(s) as you go, meaning that once the payment term has been met, you own the product. Whilst the meter is connected to the TV, it can be used to pay for other products such as washing machines, laptops, cookers, sofas or bikes – anything from the Buy As You View product range including ValueLine!

The unique coin meter payment system from Buy As You View

If you would like to pay at regular intervals, you can choose to pay using our ‘Hours per Pound’ option. This offers you a specific number of viewing hours per pound depending on your weekly payment and the amount of TV you watch. Alternatively, if you would like to put your money into the meter on a specific day of the week or fortnight (pay day for example), you can put the full weekly or fortnightly amount into the meter on your scheduled day and the meter will automatically switch into free running operation until the next scheduled payment day. Then, every 8 weeks your Customer Account Manager will visit you, empty the meter and check that everything is running as it should be. Our Customer Account Managers are friendly and flexible; as you build your relationship with them, you can arrange for them to call by at a particular time or on a particular day – whatever makes life easier for you!

When your Customer Account Manager arrives, they will count out the contents of the meter in front of you and give you a receipt for the amount due. If you insert more money than is required, you can either enjoy a rebate on collection day or use the extra to pay off more of the outstanding balance – it’s completely up to you!

Many of our customers use the coin meter payment system put aside a little extra each week. By putting in more than the agreed amount, they will expect a rebate on collection day and have extra money available for a treat for the kids (or themselves!) that week. The meter keeps your money safe for 8 weeks at a time and for many BAYV customers, is an essential tool in managing their finances.

Finally, it’s worth considering our ‘Recommend A Friend’ offer which can instantly take £25 off your account balance! Just email us with your friend’s details and once they become a BAYV customer, will credit your account with £25! If you have further questions regarding our unique coin meter payment system, please post a reply below.

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