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Why Be a Writing Mentor?

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

Why Be a Writing Mentor?Why Mentor? Aren’t there plenty of Christian authors out there? The market is tightening. Won’t the new authors take publication away from you?

I’ve heard both of those questions from more than one author. My answer is always: There aren’t enough Christian authors our there, and no, they won’t take publication chances from me.

If we look at our writing as a mission as well as a business, then we have to understand that God knows what He has planned for our future. And He keeps bringing new authors to me to mentor. I don’t go out and seek them. (And these days, I’m bombarded by people who want my help.) I prayerfully seek God about whether to mentor a person. There aren’t many times when He says no.

Whether authors write for the Christian market or another one, I aim to help them develop the talents God placed in them in their mother’s womb. Craft can be taught, but not the innate talent. At any given time, I’m involved with authors who are farther along in their development, and I’m learning from them. At the same time, I’m helping authors who haven’t come as far as I have. With this kind of setup, it helps me remain balanced as an author.

I don’t know it all, but I do know some things that can help other people. That’s my goal—to be constantly learning and at the same time sharing what I’ve learned with other authors. We all benefit from that kind of relationship. So do our readers.

So what kind of overarching goals do you have in your life? Leave a comment and share them with us.

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Why Be a Writing Mentor?

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