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Why Are The Networks Adapting/Remaking Next Year?

Posted on the 23 October 2014 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

Everyone is talking about the new fall season, which is full of a lot of (basically) original shows, or comic book adaptations, with a few spinoffs. You can always see a “trend”, and the big trend this year was comic books. Gotham, Constantine, I Zombie, The Flash, and Agent Carter are all guilty of this.

But next year? We’re getting super heavy on the remake/reboot/adaptation angle.

Several movies are being made into TV shows, but most of them aren’t recent. Actually, none of them are. Uncle Buck, Rush Hour, Big, Problem Child, Real Genius, The Devil’s Advocate, and Minority Report are all being adapted for next season. It doesn’t actually stop there. There’s even a pilot in development featuring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo in the leads, but it’s not based on the Vacation series.

TV reboots/remakes are slightly less popular, but don’t tell the planned reboots of The Greatest American Hero, Bewitched, Jack Irish, or Misfits.

And comic books? They’re still very much in play. CBS has a Supergirl series in the works, and FOX is going for another comic book series with Lucifer.

And spinoffs? There’s a Castle spinoff based on Derrick Storm, the character that Rick Castle’s books are based on. The CW is still working on a Supernatural spinoff.

And NBC has a Robin Hood drama that probably falls under all of those categories.

And if you need more nostalgia, Bill Cosby, Kevin Nealon, and John Stamos all have sitcoms in the works.

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