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Why And How to Make Google Plus Your #1 Traffic Source

Posted on the 19 January 2014 by Siraj Wahid @blogcooters

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2014 has begun and many of you might have considered moving your blog to the next level as your New Year resolution. I hope that you will succeed in fulfilling your resolution but you have to struggle for it. Moving your blog to the next level is not only about content, you need readers to reach success.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are at top of the list for driving readers to a blog. For Search Engines you have to do the same routine stuff and if any algorithm change occurs then you have to protect your blog from the things that are included in the algorithm update. But for Social Media every social networking site requires a different strategy, there are many social networking strategist who are developing strategies for achieving the best from social media. Before 2013, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin were at top in bringing readers to a website but at the end of 2013 Google Plus clearly swept the rankings and stood at 1st (at least for me).

Why to Make Google+ Your #1 Traffic Source?

Smartest People in Smart Communities

  • What I have found in Google Plus?

I have found a huge number of like-minded people.

  • How I reached to those people?

I reached those people through communities.

Remember, not every community have smart members, you need to search for smart communities in order to find like-minded people, these people not only read your content, they also leave their views on your write-up which may help you to improve your knowledge about the topic.

Referral Benefits

A site’s traffic can be divided in to referral, organic and direct traffic. Nowadays every blogger I see want traffic from Google, very few bloggers are driving traffic from Social Media. It’s really easy to drive traffic from Social Media, what you need is a Strategy. Google Plus can be your #1 source of Referral traffic. Many of the professional bloggers are targeting it with different strategies, even they are sharing strategies with their readers, that’s what I’m going to do in this articles.

Road to Better Search Engine Rankings

Everybody knows that Google now considers social signals for ranking websites and if the social shares are from Google+ then it is even much better. Many people still think that social signals doesn’t affect search engine ranking, indeed they are wrong. I observe my articles from the date I publish them till the date they get good social shares and comments and every time I conclude my observation with better search engine rankings. Few days back, I found a status update on my news feed by Nirmala Santhakumar of MyMagicFundas, you really need to see this to understand the importance of social shares.

nirmala ma'am status

How to Make Google Plus Your #1 Traffic Source?

Share Quality Content Not Only Yours:

Many bloggers and networking freaks think that the only way to drive traffic from social networking sites is to share too many links as fast as they can, but this is totally a misconception among folks. To build a trust-worthy relationship with your connections you should share stuff which deserves their clicks. Try to make them click your stuff every time they see a post by you, your aim should be quality not quantity.

A description works best:

I was not aware of this thing but it matters a lot. I got to know this when I joined communities, many big communities require description is posts. A description should contain points which are mentioned in the article. You can even ask questions in description to increase engagement.

Enable Google+ Sharing:

The most efficient way to drive traffic from social networking sites is to enable social sharing. The user count of Google+ is increasing and most of your visitors might have an account on Google+ or at least few of them. Provide them ease by enabling sharing buttons and they will share your stuff without any hesitation.


I hope that this article will help you to increase Google+ traffic of your site, I would love to hear how was your previous year with Google+ and what are your plans for Google+ this year.

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