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Why All the Fuss Over the Royal Baby?

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012
The British royal family on Buckingham Palace ...

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I decided to watch one of the many morning news programs.  Much to my surprise was I to see that the leading story for that day was speculation that Duchess Kate Middleton had inadvertently revealed the gender of her baby.  Somehow this speculative story was the most important “news” story for this program.  Apparently the Duchess may have begun to say the word “daughter” but stopped herself when she realized she was revealing the gender.

Let’s be clear.  I wish Duchess Middleton and Prince William nothing but the best for their child.  I hope she has a safe pregnancy and delivery.  I hope the baby is healthy.  Other than that I really don’t understand why anyone in America would care about events of their lives.  I remember months ago when it was announced that Middleton was pregnant.  Another news program sent one of their morning anchors to England.  To do what you may ask?  Well to tell us that she is pregnant.  Yes, they sent someone to England just to tell us that Kate is pregnant.

I don’t understand why the royal events garner so much coverage in this country.  I thought we won that war a long time ago.  Maybe you could include a small mention of it later in the broadcast, but to be the leading story is utterly ridiculous.  Is this news program really trying to tell me there isn’t anything more important going on in this country at the moment?  Apparently they’ve never heard of the word sequester.

The woman is pregnant.  Great for her and her family.  But c’mon.  Millions of women get pregnant all the time.  She’s not royal in this country.  So stop acting like she is.  Maybe you could actually cover news that affects this country.  Including global news in our broadcasts is a good idea.  But this really isn’t the substantive news that you should be focusing on in your broadcasts.  Don’t tell me there aren’t injustices in the world that need to be covered.

Does the royal coverage in America bother you?

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