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Why a Woman Should Choose to Remain as a Single

By Julia Fernandes @appshub

There are many women who prefer to remain as single, [ Qualities You Must Look for in a Man Before Marrying Him]. By remaining single we mean not getting married. This does not restrict a woman to have friendship and love with men. The arguments in favor of remaining as single can be counter balanced by the arguments that support a woman to be tied up in wedlock. However the benefits of remaining as single are more for a woman. [Also Read: Five Reasons Why a Man Should Decide to Remain as a Single]

Why a Woman Should Choose to Remain as a Single

Reasons For Woman to Remain Single

Here are some reasons why a woman should avoid getting married a remain as single.

Freedom and Independence

The biggest advantage of remaining single is that a woman can enjoy her freedom to the maximum limits. Whatever a society may, the bond of marriage always restricts the freedom and liberty of a woman to a certain extent. How much freedom a woman can enjoy after marriage differs from society to society and the cultures. In many primitive societies a large number of initiatives and liberties have to be surrendered by the women in favor of their husbands. A husband virtually becomes the master of his wife who cannot take any step in life without his permission. She will have to obey him from morning to evening and in all matters of life.

In many societies a married woman even cannot step out of her home without being accompanied by her husband. However such restrictions may not be there in modern and progressive societies. In urban societies of Europe and North America where lot of work has been done for the rights of women, the issues of living together, rearing children and planning for the future are still burning topics. The severity of these issues have compelled many couples to get separated as a last resort, in order to get rid these stresses. So once a woman gets separated she is free from all such burdens associated with a married life and can live as her favorite lifestyle.

Financial Autonomy

A single woman can enjoy total financial freedom and independence. She will be at liberty to join any occupation, do any job and earn any amount she wants. She will be able to worker harder by working overtime. She can work in the evening or late at night without any fear of her husband. She may not be worried about her children awaiting her return to home.

A single woman will be at liberty to save and spend her income as per her own will. She will not be answerable to her husband about her income and expenditures. She will not feel restricted about her behavior in financial matters. A married working woman has to share the expenses of the household in any society. She can be morally and socially bound to spend her own money on her husband and children.

Love and Social Relations

A married woman has to live with her husband whether she likes it or not, [Read: Five Simple Tips To Lead a Happy Life]. She doesn't have any other choice short of a divorce, True Love Between Husband / Wife can Avoid Divorce. She can choose some other man of her choice but after getting divorce only, [Read: Dating After Divorce by Women is Positive Activity]. A single woman will be free from all such restrictions. She will be at liberty to live, have friendship and fall in love with any man of her choice without any prejudice to legal or moral norms.

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