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Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

Posted on the 03 March 2019 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

If you are looking for a drop shipping agency that can provide reliable suppliers and millions of products, Wholesale2b is the best option. With more than 90 suppliers and 1.5 million products, you can fill your business with a variety of products in many categories.

Depending on the platform on which you want to run your online store, various plans are offered with appropriate tools and services. The navigation of your products is free of charge, unlike other services. and their rates are also average compared to other direct companies.

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

In the meantime, phone and email are missing, but a live chat option is available. Despite some mistakes, Wholesale2b is always worth a detour.

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Promo Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

What Features Does Wholesale2b Provide? Wholesale2b Reviews

Wholesale2b has 1.5 million products (and more) under its roof that you can easily see by category, provider, keyword, APC and many other filtering options. Categories include electronics, clothing, baby items, pet supplies, cell phones, collectibles, computers, household items, food, perfumes, musical instruments, paints, car accessories, and more.

To increase convenience, inventories are automatically updated, which reduces the risk of inventory errors and does not require you to explain the error to customers.

You can receive reports about the best-selling items and use them to your advantage. Since many of your suppliers offer international shipments, you can use their service even if you are not based in the United States.

Dropship Analytics

In addition to the Wholesale2b product catalog and sales tools, you will also get useful statistics to help you make a profit.

Wholesale2b helps you find powerful products by keeping up to date with market trends and best-selling products. The location maps of the buyer's entry point also tell you where most buyers come from. You can target your ads to the right people.

Supplier performance reports help you make informed decisions when you choose to work with a new supplier. By observing the vendor tracking records and compliance of conformity and cancellation Guess avoid potentially unreliable supplier.

Pricing Of Wholesale2b? What services it has to offer?

The wholesale2b pricing model works differently than others. The baseline is free and allows you to browse the Wholesale2b catalog and view product prices. You can register without specifying your credit card information.

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

However, you can not sell Wholesale2b products with the baseline. You must buy one of your projects to start selling. Each plan is specific to an e-commerce platform with corresponding pricing and features.

1. eBay Plan

The eBay Wholesale2b plan costs $ 24.99 per month and allows you to view your products on eBay. You can create an unlimited number of bids to set your own prices. There are 240 models to choose from.

2. Amazon Plan

Amazon's Wholesale2b plan costs $ 37.99 per month and allows importing thousands of products into Amazon thanks to a comprehensive import tool. Inventory updates are fully automated. You can also process orders with one click. Product tracking codes are automatically loaded into the control panel to facilitate viewing.

You can include a maximum of 10,000 standard products, but you can pay more to increase this limit.

3. Dropshipping Website Plan

Wholesale2b can also create and host your own online store. For $ 39.99 per month, you will receive your own domain, email address, and shopping cart. You can also access the main server where you can customize your shop. Automated inventory updates are also available.

However, it is limited to up to 3 providers by default. You can pay to update this.

4. Dropship Data Feed Plan

Wholesale2b Dropship Datafeed costs $ 24.99 per month and allows you to send product listings (including images and descriptions) to other platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more.

Wholesale2b has a standard feed that assembles the products of all of its suppliers into one easy-to-download CSV or TAB file. You can also create 3 custom feeds for specific needs.

Additional custom feeds cost $ 8.99 per month.

5. 4 in 1 Plan Available

You can also subscribe to the four packages above for $ 82.99 per month. These are huge savings that you should consider when selling on multiple platforms.

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

6. Dropship App Plans

In addition to Wholesale2b plans, they also offer direct shuttle applications that work specifically with the largest e-commerce platforms. These applications automate product imports into your store and provide inventory updates in real time. You can also edit orders with one click and specify your own product titles and descriptions. Tracking codes are automatically sent to your store.

All apps cost $ 29.99 a month and have a limit of 10,000 products. However, this can be improved by paying additional fees.

Wholesale2b Dropship apps work with the following:

For all the plans mentioned so far and apps (except for the Shopify App), You can pay in advance for a generous discount of 40% a year.

7. DIY plan

If you are interested in any of the plans, you can choose to Wholesale2b DIY plan, which costs 67.00 USD per year. So you can resell your products on the platform of your choice.

You can still use your Wholesale2b account to place orders. The only difference is that you do not have access to your sales tools. You must manually upload your products to your store along with the corresponding pictures and descriptions.

Which Products You Can sell With Wholesale2b?

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

1. Product Catalog

The Wholesale2b Supplier Directory gives you access to more than 1.5 million products from more than 90 suppliers. Compared to other direct transport companies, this is a modest choice. But there are dozens of categories in their catalog: from clothing and electronics to collectibles, medical items, and even groceries!

2. Wholesale2b Products

you can search for products by category and list them for the expected benefit. You can also restrict it to the most popular products or items with a MAP (minimum purchase price).

3. Supplier Information

Do not forget to consult the supplier's qualification report to get an idea of each supplier's performance. Online reports indicate that some providers have low cancellation rates or may need a monthly or annual subscription to resell their products.

How Do You Sell Products With Wholesale2b?

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

1. Place and execute orders

When a customer buys a product in the store, he has two options:

Work directly with the supplier. First, you need an approved reseller account of the provider, ie a valid commercial license. You are also responsible for tracking shipments, updating order status, and processing returns and cancellations of your orders.

Neither knows the shipping costs nor after the order. But you get 100% profit, Wholesale2b manages it for you. You charge a processing fee of 3%. This reduces your margins, but you get some ingenious benefits. In particular, you do not need a commercial license.

You do not have to worry about other aspects of direct collaboration with suppliers. You will also see the shipping costs immediately.
Depending on your plan, you can place orders with one click or you must complete them manually.

2. Delivery And Monitoring

Product tracking codes are automatically retrieved through the Amazon Plan or one of the four compatible Wholesale2 apps. If the order was placed on another platform, you must request the codes from the supplier.

3. Returns And Refunds

If you have decided to outsource the execution of your order to Wholesale2b, you will be pleased to receive returns. Just contact them when the situation arises.

However, if you complete the order yourself, you must contact the supplier directly and submit an application. Remember to consult a supplier's guidelines beforehand to be better prepared for these issues.

How To Contact Wholesale2b?

1. Attention To The Customer

If you need direct assistance, you can send a ticket or use the live chat option to get a response within 24 hours. However, our experience shows that waiting times can be much longer.

Strangely, no telephone and email details are provided, so these channels are not an option.

2. Self-Help Sections

The Wholesale2b Knowledge Base contains a wealth of information for all your direct shipping requirements. A Frequently Asked Questions section and many direct mail items will guide you through the basics and answer frequently asked questions.

The official Wholesale2b blog also offers marketing strategies and tips to improve the SEO of your store.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wholesale2b?


  • Free on-the-go catalog: You can register and view products and the Wholesale2b catalog without specifying your credit card details.
  • Send products to most stores: With Wholesale2b's selling tools, you can publish products to any e-commerce platform in just a few clicks.
  • Flexible Plans: Many Wholesale2b plan options let you choose the right one for your business.
  • Free Shipping: Unlike other direct sales companies that you need to pay before you can browse their catalogs, Wholesale2b lets you freely view your suppliers and products.
  • Reliable Operator: Wholesale2b uses operators like FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL to deliver orders. You can be sure that packages reach the customer within the specified time.


  • Small Product Catalog: The Wholesale2b catalog is much lower than other direct delivery services.
  • Weak customer support: Wholesale2b does not provide e-mail or phone support or unreliable live chat features.

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Conclusion: Does Wholesale2B Worth A Try? (Wholesale2b Review Summary) Wholesale2b Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

Wholesale2b offers competitive pricing and many customizable plans. They also have handy sales tools to streamline product loading and order fulfillment.

However, these features are blocked by paywalls and subscription fees (ie the 3% processing fee). You also get a limited product catalog and bad customer service. Let me know in the comments section below what you liked most about Wholesale2b Dropshipping, what they need to improve, share your feedback.

Wholesale2b Review With Coupon Codes 2019: Save 40% On Yearly Plans

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