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Who Will Be My Bridesmaids?

By Innstilettos
Who Will Be My Bridesmaids?
He popped the question and you said "yes", of course.  Now comes the next part...who will be in your bridal party?  For some girls, who will be wearing a bridesmaid dress is a no brainer.  For others the task of choosing can be a little more daunting. 
The first bit of advice I must give is be somewhat logical.  The main selection will be that of your maid of honor.  She will be your right hand and on occasion your left as well.  Make sure it is someone you can trust to get things done and can be a source of support.  The bridesmaids should be chosen with the same care.  These are the girls who will be part of planning your shower.  While you might have that very special person in your life, they might not be able to be a part of the requirements of what it takes to be in this role.  Better to have them just attend the wedding and keep the friendship than to put undesired pressure on things.
Who Will Be My Bridesmaids?
There will also be your mother (not guilty) who might think your sister or sisters should be playing the leading role.  Then there is your future mother-in-law with some expectations of her own.  While this might not be the most popular bit of advice....remember that it is your wedding.
Another thing to keep in mind is the expense of being a bridesmaid.  They will be expected to pay for their dress, shoes and accessories.  They will need to pitch in both money and time in planning your shower.  Your bridesmaids should be close enough in distance that they can go for fittings and accompany you to pick out your wedding dress.  What does this mean?  It doesn't rule somebody out if they are in California and you are in New Jersey it just means things are going to be a little more difficult.  The matter of finances can also be an issue for someone still in school or newly married themselves.  You don't want the honor of being in your wedding to be a hardship for them.
Who Will Be My Bridesmaids?
While weddings can be a stressful planning time in your life, they are also the time of your life.  Don't lose sight of that.
Deborah Stilettos

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