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Who Should Be in Space Jam 2

Posted on the 25 May 2016 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

In a previous article I made it clear how I felt about the crazy little movie that could called . On paper the combination of the Looney Tunes with Michael Jordan seems bizarre, yet for a whole generation of moviegoers it is a memorable flick that they still have fond memories of. In recent years rumors of a sequel have been bubbling and now it seems that one is upon us with Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James aiding the Looney Tunes in their latest game of basketball. In the original flick, the only reason the Monstars stood a chance against Bugs Bunny and his crew was because they stole the talent of some of the brightest talents in the NBA. Now with a whole different generation of stars on the court, the Monstars will need new talent sources. So I will now combine my love of movies with my love of basketball to see who the Monstars need to turn to in order to threaten the Tunes once again.

Who Should be in Space Jam 2

Nawt/Stephen Curry: Once again the smallest of the aliens will probably take on the point guard position. Since the NBA is now loaded with fantastic players in this role from; Mike Conley to Russell Westbrook to Jeff Teague, the little red alien can have a field day. If he has to pick one though, he will no doubt choose the top guard in the game today, Steph Curry. The abilities of this sharpshooting 2-time MVP from the Golden State Warriors, would be a huge assets to the aliens and cause a great deal of trouble for Bugs and Daffy.

Who Should be in Space Jam 2

Blanko/Marc Gasol: In the original Space Jam, the purple Monstar Blanko truly enjoyed towering over the court with the abilities of Shawn Bradley. But now in the NBA the most talented big man is none other than Marc Gasol, from my hometown Grizzlies. Portrayed as a doofus in the first film, Blanko would no doubt enjoy the high basketball IQ that this defensive powerhouse possesses as well as his versatile skills on the court.

Who Should be in Space Jam 2

Pound/Dwayne Wade: When it was announced that LeBron James would be taking on this flick, one of the most vocal players to want in on the picture was King James' old Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade. A veteran of the game who who is still a fierce competitor deserves a spot in this film and who better then the captain of the Monstars to steal his vast talent.

Who Should be in Space Jam 2

Bupkus/James Harden: With Space Jam 2 needing the biggest stars from the world of basketball, it is almost a necessity to bring in Houston Rockets star James Harden. Bupkus would have no problem with taking the Bearded Ones gifts and joining Nawt in the back court to cause trouble for the Looney Tunes' defense.

Who Should be in Space Jam 2

Bang/Kevin Durant: Bang was a fire breathing alien with a bad attitude, so naturally he's going to want the talent of one of the best all around players in the NBA to stay competitive. The athlete who has kept the Oklahoma City Thunder consistently on the verge of being Western Conference champs, is Kevin Durant. Able to hit shots from all over the court as well as an incredible ability to conduct his team, the Monstars would definitely benefit from getting his skills.

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