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Who’s Your Fave Vogue Cover Girl?

By Fashionvisuals @fashion_visuals

Vogue has been around since 1892, would you believe, and is one of the most popular fashion magazines of today. Many celebrities have graced the cover of this influential read over the years, females who in some way have offered us some form of style inspiration. To be featured on the cover of Vogue is something many famous celebs can only dream about. A number of fashionable actresses, singers, models and TV personalities from around the world have been chosen to represent one of the Vogue issues at some point.

Here we have picked out a few of our favorite Vogue Cover girls from over the years.

Cara Delevingne – March 2013

vogue 1

As model of the moment, it was inevitable that Cara would feature on the front of Vogue this year. The British supermodel has been storming the catwalks of late and it seems we just cant get enough of this young superstar.

Kate Moss – March 1993

vogue 2

This was Kate’s very first appearance on the cover of Vogue back in 1993. The supermodel had only just started her, what would be, successful modelling career and it seemed her Vogue cover only helped propel her fame.

Alexa Chung – June 2011

vogue 3

Alexa has a style that has taken her across the pond to the states, after starting out her career in the UK. Her unique looks are always spot on and this English beauty is one that always get it right when it comes to fashion.

Florence Welch – January 2012

vogue 4

2012 was a big year for Florence, it seemed like you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing one of her songs playing. Her original style is one that Vogue seemed to love, possibly why she was chosen for the cover in January 2012.

Rihanna – November 2011

vogue 5

With her quirky style, it was only a matter of time before she was featured on the front of the most famous fashion magazines in the world. Rihanna is a songstress who always seems to carry off a unique sense of style with ease.

Sarah Jessica Parker – October 2003

vogue 6

Back in 2003, Sex and the City was flying high and so was the show’s style. So it was only right that the star of the series was to be chosen for a Vogue cover. SJP’s style is still has admired today as it was 10 years ago.

90th Birthday Special

vogue 7

Vogue celebrated it’s 90th birthday in December 2006 and offered a special edition to its readers. The front featured a number of previous covers, which included many high profile models and celebrities from the past 90 years.

So, which Vogue cover girl gets your vote?

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