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Who's Lying? Not Me.

Posted on the 10 October 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
Who's lying? Not me.It might be purely the fact that I have been procrastinating my uni assignment, or it may have to do with the fact TV After Dark asked me to check out this show, but I am totally and completely hooked on The Lying Game.
I don't completely understand the addiction, I will confess.
But, I am addicted nonetheless, and here's my review of Season 1 Episode 9. Maybe I can get you addicted too ;)
Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High.
Well, the name alone is interesting lol. And the episode certainly did not disappoint!
We start with Sutton (posing as Emma) in the car with Lexi. That Lexi can talk! But I love her, she's adorable. And so smart! I hope she comes back in a later episode. But Sutton, you are a terrible actor. Lexi would have been completely daft to realise you weren't Emma, especially considering you didn't even TRY to be her. Just saying.
Cut to an adorable scene with Ethan and Emma. Naw, these two are adorable little lovebirds.
Ethan: "Are you apologising for coming onto me, or the fact that you were drunk when you did it?"
Emma: "C'mon, no girl wants to be a drooling idiot when it's her first time." Cue the awkward moment! I had this huge grin on my face when Emma went on that little spiel about yoghurt and pretzels. Because that's exactly how we'd change the topic from still having our V plates...
Moving on.
Ted and Alec are douchebags. I'm not sure why yet, but my guess is that one of them got Annie preggers, and they have covered it up somehow. Why she's in a mental hospital is still beyond me. And speaking of Annie - HELLO! I'm so shocked that Annie is Char's aunt?! WOW! So who's the uncle? I am ridiculously curious.
We move to a scene back in Sutton's bedroom, where Ethan and Emma are chatting about the newly overheard conversation between Ted and Kristin. Ethan, you are so very wonderfully supportive, asking Emma if that's 'what she wants'. I think he's right though, asking Alec is a dumb idea Emma. He's been hiding this for 16 years, he ain't gonna cough up answers now.
So now we find ourselves in Lexi's house, and Sutton is shocked (to put it mildly) to see how she lives (cleaning that glass? The not-so-subtle facial expressions? You ain't subtle hunny).
My FAVOURITE part in the entire episode is when Lexi's mum says, "Are you hungry Emma? Do you want some mac 'n' cheese?" and Sutton turns around and goes "Oh! That would be fantastic thank you!" and mum says "Milk and butter is in the fridge. Knock yourself out, I'm going to take a bath." AHA! Take that Sutton! She has probably never cooked mac 'n cheese in her life. (I have so much more respect for Emma after this episode, I swear).
I also love that they keep their savings in a jar on the kitchen counter. Perhaps the best hiding spot is the most obvious one? Maybe?
Anyway, jump back to Emma looking all sweet in a navy and white dress and gorgeous gold necklace. Dinner with Alec is sure to be awkward though. Thayer looks nice for his meeting with the investors though - love a man in a suit, phew.
:O Shock! Annie has escaped! But to where? We know she'd want to bail from that hospital, but where is she going to go? Mystery!
"Kinda figured she might turn out to be an entitled little bitch." Thank you Lexi! Way to put it out there. Sutton, you are a bit mean. Am I alone in this? But I will give it to her, the bitch-side was perfect for her rant at Clarice. So glad Clarice's license was revoked, she IS a terrible person. You tell her Sutton!
We jump back to Thayer's meeting, and cue Derek and Char. 10 day anniversary? Oh, to be 16 again. Can't get over the fact Alec made Derek break up with Char. I will give it to Adrian Pasdar though, he makes an excellent bad guy. Not very clever but, dragging Derek away from Char right in front of Emma JUST AFTER she was asking him about lying. Oh well, suppose we need Emma to keep seeing Alec as 'questionable'.
Now we come to another super awkward moment.
If I were Laurel, I would have no idea what to say in that situation. But girl, you have all the right things to say. Way to make mum think. It is your life, despite mum wanting otherwise.
Alexandra Chando was ADORABLE flipping through all of Emma's clothes and looking for a suitable outfit. And then making that dress out of the mother of all ugly dresses! Love it. What a cutie.
Rocking up to Emma's high school as though she owns the place, Sutton certainly makes an impression with the 'in' crowd - a group of hunky men who invite her to come gamble with them. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I don't think 16-year-olds should be gambling. My humble personal opinion.
Cue back to Derek and Char - the break up. Aw, my heart broke. Char with her "You can't. I'm Char Chamberlin." Why would anyone want to break up with any character Kirsten Prout plays is beyond me. She is gorgeous. Well, I'm with Emma, I don't know why Alec would want to break Derek and Char up. He's been the obedient puppy; I'm not sure what Alec's motives were there. Power? Control? Perhaps.
Mum and Dad Mercer are having a chat about being honest with Sutton. Either Mum is lying and actually knows more about Annie than she is saying, orr she really is in the dark, and has no idea about her daughter having a twin. I hope Emma wiggles it out of her somehow; I would definitely try, being as frustrated as Emma looked after Mum denied saying anything at all.
As hard as I try, I truly can't hate Sutton. Working her 'magic' on Lexi - pulling her away from studying, dolling her up in a rockin' outfit, and taking her to a party where she manages to lose all her money, but coddle up to hot-guy and get all the money back - yep, that girl could rule the world.
Now we come to 'the phone call'. I am still miffed at this. Why is Mum Chamberlin all crazy? She obviously knows the entire story, but is chicken enough not to do anything about it. Weird.
Another adorable Ethan and Emma moment :) I don't think he finds just your optimism amazing Emma, I think he finds YOU amazing. Naw cuties.
Justin makes talking to dads about stealing their daughter's virginity soo easy. A little too easy perhaps? I would be shaking in my boots. I guess calling dad 'my role model' would help sweeten the pot. Kudos to you Justin.
Alright, ease up Emma. We know you're mad, but it ain't Laurel's fault. Blame mamma and poppa first. Glad that Laurel was able to have a chat with mamma though and make things right. Wish I could be that open with my mum about losing my V plates. I totally admire Laurel for being that open. You go girl.
Cut to Emma chilling on Sutton's bed looking at photos from the past few weeks. Enter Mum Mercer, and the lies still seem to keep coming. Can't pick whether mum is innocent in all this, or just as guilty as Ted. We shall see.
More adorable Ethan and Emma moments! Ethan would be an amazing boyfriend. He punches dickheads unconscious, knows all the right things to say, AND has a gorgeous body and face to boot - Team Ethan yum yum yum here we come!
I do understand why Emma wants to protect Sutton's family. They have become her little world, and she's becoming a 'better' version of Sutton, dare I say? The idea that it's all going to blow up next week kinda makes me sad. I like Emma being Sutton. Sigh. Anyway.
So Char tells Madeline that Annie rang their house, while Derek eavesdrops. I love Derek's goofy facial expressions. He is a really terrible spy though.
Mum and Dad Mercer talking about Birth Mum again. I'm not happy with Ted. I agree with Justin, I don't think he's as nice as everyone thinks. Whatever happened with Annie, it warrants keeping everybody, including his wife, in the dark.
Uh, no Alec, you don't get to decide who Derek dates. He has that leverage on you, and kudos to him for using it. Go Derek! You get the girl back!
I loooovveee that Lexi knew Sutton wasn't Emma! What a gem! Now that's a true best friend. I always did wonder how two people were able to switch places and fool absolutely EVERYONE.
[Mental note to self: If I ever notice my best friend/brother/boyfriend acting typically out-of-character, I will quiz them until I know they're not an imposter]
And now - final moments! Emma snatches the letter for Mum Mercer away (just in time!) though it may all go to hell next week anyway. Justin tells Laurel he knows something's up with Daddy Mercer. Sutton leaves for Phoenix, and Lexi is amazing about it. I wonder if Sutton will destroy Emma's life once she gets back.. and I guess we'll find out... NEXT WEEK!
And our last moment is with Ethan and Emma.
"Wherever you go Emma, I'm coming with you."
This made my heart pound. What a sweetheart! I think I'm in love with Ethan, no joke. Nobody is that nice, NOBODY. Anywho.
So until next week my dears, sound off with your thoughts below! What do you think - where has Annie gone? Why is Mum Chamberlin being so secretive? Does Mum Mercer know more than she's telling? Are you in LOVE with Ethan too? Talk away! :)

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