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Who’s in Who’s Way

By Caryschmidt

“I being in the way, the Lord led me.” (Genesis 24:27)

Are you in God’s way?

Or is God in your way?

When God is in my way…

My agenda is king. My plans reign. My schedule is full of what I want to do. My focus is on “getting my stuff done.” My world revolves around me and what I love. My heart is fixed on my pleasure, my desires, my dreams, my needs, and my purposes. No time for sharing Christ, speaking up to a lost person, being available to help someone, or reaching out in love. No time for Divine appointments or Providential interventions.

“God, please stay out of my way today.”

When I’m in God’s way…

His agenda is king. My plan is to obey His will today. My schedule is flexible according to His leading. My focus is on hearing Him and doing what He has planned. My world revolves around His eternal purpose of getting the gospel to the lost. My heart is fixed on His pleasure, His desires, His dreams, His purposes. When His Holy Spirit nudges me to speak up, reach out, express love, or serve someone—I want to be eager to hear and quick to obey.

“God, please lead me in your way today!”

Every day, we face the choice. Will I be in God’s way? Or will He be in my way?

How easy it is to reverse the order. How often I find myself driving my own agenda, subconsciously asking God to stay out of my way. How many Divine appointments have I missed? How many life-changing intersections have I ignored? How many times have I tried to cram God into my little box. If being self-centered were a spiritual gift, it would definitely be my strongest.

Today, I want to be in God’s way! How about you?

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