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Who Released Russell Edgington from His Grave of Concrete?

Posted on the 10 January 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

Despite the efforts of Bill and Eric to get rid of Russell Edgington once and for all, the ex-king of Mississippi will be back in season 5 and mostly likely with a vengeance.

Considering the bad physical condition Russell was in and the fact that he was silvered when he was buried in concrete, makes it highly improbably that he managed to escape without any outside help. Even Eric needed Pam’s help to be freed from the fresh concrete because the silver handcuffs had left him completely powerless.


Who released Russell Edgington from his grave of concrete?


But who released Russell from his grave?

The only person who knew what was buried underneath the construction site was Alcide, but I think we can exclude him as an accomplice unless he hopes that Russell finishes off both Eric and Bill so he can make his move on Sookie.

From the construction worker who discovered the hole in the parking garage we learned that a vampire was involved, because the man was glamoured.

It could be that Russell has another progeny besides his late husband Talbot, Russell is an ancient vampire and it’s very likely that he turned several humans over the years. He could have used vampire telepathy to summon his progeny. The question remains why it took the progeny so long to get there? Russell remained buried for a year, maybe the messages sent that way have a limited radius and the progeny has to be close by to receive the signal.

Russell’s vampire child could be a new character or possibly someone we already know: Reverend Steve Newlin. Steve was missing for quite a while and he did sport a nice pair of vampire teeth when he showed up at Jason’s doorstep.

Or maybe the progeny is a member of the Authority. Nan Flanagan revealed last season that there are fractions within the Authority that don’t agree with the agenda and Russell has no respect at all for the Authority, so there might be a link there. Or the Authority itself freed Russell to use him as a tool to hunt down Bill and Eric in exchange for amnesty.

Bill and Eric seem the least possible candidates for setting Russell free, but they are in deep trouble now that the Authority has issued death sentences for the both of them and Russell could prove to be a powerful ally in the battle against the Authority.

Who do you think released Russell Edgington? Post it in the comments below.

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