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Who Really Wants to Annex the Jordan Valley?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
This is a weird exchange in the Knesset. It seems mostly to be a couple of politicians trying to each "out-man" the other...
Yesterday some Likudniks floated the idea of possibly trying to put Benny Gantz in a tight spot by taking advantage of Gantz forcing the Knesset to convene, despite the election season, in order to deal with making the Immunity committee official and proposing a law to annex the Jordan Valley.
I am not quite sure why that puts Gantz in a tight spot, as he has said he supports such an annexation. Maybe some of Gantz's potential coalition members are more left wing and would not like him voting on that. personally, from Gantz's perspective it seems like a better proposition for him to have the Likud propose it with his support than for him to propose it and have to rely on the Meretz votes to push it through (though he probably would not have to anyway because presumably right wing votes would be enough to push it through).
But ok, they suggested it. This morning Benny Gantz said that after the elections he would work to annex the Jordan Valley, with international support.
To me the addition of "with international support" sounds like he is turning it into a non-issue, as it is extremely unlikely he would have international support, but that's what he said.
To that PM Netanyahu responded asking why wait until after the elections rather than doing it right now with a broad concensus in Knesset? Netanyahu said he is waiting for Gantz's response, unless Tibi is vetoing the idea.
This is just a silly response. Netanyahu has been prime minister for ten years straight and has had every opportunity to propose the annexation, and has not. Suddenly he is in a rush and it is Gantz delaying, as if Gantz has any power right now? Netanyahu even said just a few weeks ago that he is going to propose the annexation in Knesset, but has yet to do so. So he is blaming Gantz for delaying such a vote, when he himself has been in a far better position to propose it and push it through but has failed to anything more than talk about it?
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