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Who Let The Dogs Out!?! {Awe Crap! Now That Songs in My Head!}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
Who Let The Dogs Out!?! {Awe crap! Now that songs in my head!}   Just a quick little note tonight.  We have been talking about it for a very long time but it's just not something you can rush.  Zion, our 5 year old, has a crazy amount of anxiety and being around my in laws lab really helps to calm him. So today on a whim we visited our local pound and ran across this little gem! A 2 month old beagle that had been removed from a bad home.  Needless to say three boys & some newspaper in the floorboard of our new car later we had a dog! The boys came to the agreement on 'Rosie' and that seems to be just fine with her. All three boys have asthma & allergies so its kind of a balancing act but already very worth it. All four, Rosie included in her little bed we made her in the shed outside, are dead to the world already at 8PM.  Even the through the roof energy of a puppy was no match for three boys!  She's pooped! This should be the start of a great new chapter in our family. Thanks for reading!

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