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Who is This Kid!?! {When Aspie's Attack!}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
4125   You know that show "Kids Say The Darndest Things!" in the 90's with Bill Cosby where the Bill would stand by while the kid would spout off something crazy & everyone would say "Awe, how cute!" then head home thinking "Boy, kids sure are cute!" Well, let me tell you something about my aspie Jayden, he would officially not be welcomed back by Bill if he "darnedest things" that he said involved the things he wrote about his teacher today!
   My sweet little boy who is one of the most soft spoken, big blue eyed, well behaved, & all around gentle kids I have ever met in my life has had a rough go at the 3rd grade this year! We started off the year with a few papers not done, okay I can handle that. We have always had a hard time keeping him on task. Later on we had issues with him stuffing papers in his desk instead of doing them or bringing them home. We addressed it & while we still had problems we have done our best to stay on top of it! Then we went through the WAY out of character violent out burst where he tried to choke another kid because the kid cut in line. Today how ever was a new one! Among the half done desk stuffed papers Jayden's teacher found drawlings of the school that said things like "I hate school!" as well as pictures he drew of the teacher saying thins like "Big Fat Meanie" & "LAZY".  Between those & him throwing/kicking things because he was upset & frustrated he was sent to the office to have a talk with the principle since the special education teacher & counselor were not available.
   We were pretty floored by all this! I know he doesn't want to do his work, I know he says it's not hard & he knows how to do it already(even though he asks for help at times & gets As but not perfect grades), & I know that the school has tried many different strategies to no avail to get him to stay on task or even just do the work! I can handle all of that, we can deal with it as we always do but my little boy drew pictures of his teacher & wrote things on it that were just mean! We talked a good long while about this & he was very ashamed to the point of tears when I made him tell me out loud the things he called her. He really, seemingly, felt bad about it & knew that he had done something very wrong but things like this just seem to be a progression of issues that are escalating as he ages! He will be 9 next month! {Wow, really? I have a 9 year old! Man!} So? Thoughts? Comparable Problems? Comments on my bad spelling & 5th grade writing style? Leave your comments with what you think below, feedback is good! We have dealt with many many issues but this aggression & defiance is new territory for us!

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