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Who is Making the Chilul Hashem?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
this morning on the radio I heard [part of] an interesting discussion..
the radio show hosts were talking to some askanim about the fighting between Degel and Aguda in UTJ.
The fighting is about the upcoming appointment to the committee for appointing judges to the rabbinical court. Eichler from Aguda wants the appointment, and Gafni is upset at him and has said Degel deserves it as per their internal agreement and they will field a different candidate. The fighting is gettign out of hand, somewhat, and now Aguda is threatening Degel that they might oppose the passage of the Norwegian law that Degel wnts so badly in order to get Yaakov Asher back into the Knesset.
Anyways, so the radio show hosts were talking to these askanim from the different factions of UTJ about the fighting. One of the askanim threw it back at the radio show hosts and the haredi media in general. He said that in the general press nobody cares about it - you'd be hard pressed to find any discussion about it, while it is all over the Haredi media. He accused them of being at fault for publicizing the fight and making a chilul hashem.
This is a common method of attack. The fighting itself is not considered a problem, but the publicity given to it is. It is the radio show hosts who are making a chilul hashem by asking about it, rather than Gafni, Litzman, and Eichler making a chilul hashem by fighting.
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