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Who is DRAKE? L.O.R.D.? The Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon?

Posted on the 08 May 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
most randomly weird post I've ever schlapped together, involves Original Equations for Initiates and a Freeman called "Drake".
This all started because of Benjamin Fulford, or was it David Wilcock, or both? Anyway, enter Drake; an American military person who was making some rather strong claims about him and his mates 'closing down America's digital and physical borders' while 'arresting all the New World Order Elites in that territory'.
You know, not inconsequential claims.
Cut to internet researcher VIVEK, a popular masculine Hindu given name that literally means 'wisdom', who decided to go off and find out whatever could be found about this mysterious 'Drake' character.
These will be comprehensive to the initiates of the Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon (the original Nahash Illuminati) obviously anyone stumbling upon these serious meaningful equations will need the backround info of The Code Of The Ancients... [source FURIA'S BLOG]

Who is DRAKE? L.O.R.D.? The Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon?
The L.O.R.D. group seems to be almost exclusively academic and spiritual - heavily influenced by the work of Carl Munck, James Furia, Jerry Iuliano (anagramised in the all-seeing eye triangle on the left, ed), along with all of the material linked through the Royal Institute website, and Colin James Hamer for starters. [source VIVEK INVESTIGATIVE THREAD]

And that rose'n'cross on the right there, Rosicrucian?
I'm reaching, i-ching, but here's Vivek's opening salvo on the 'solve who Drake is' equation courtesy of those people who brought this thread to my attention; what a wicked web we weave etc.
Firstly, the man’s name is Drake K. Bailey. I need no justification in order to divulge his name as he has left it plainly for all to see on many forums and he has stated it publicly on interviews in the past 5 years. He has also left his email addresses out in plain view as well, so that people could contact him and join his group(s).
There are 4-5 email addresses and a few screen names which can be found in the links provided, so I will not directly post them here. Please though, don't be a paparazzi proctologist. Call in to a show maybe, because there is a whole can of worms in this thread with questions that beg to be answered. ESPECIALLY IN REGARDS TO THE DRAGON COURT AND ORDER AND THE NAHASH ILLUMINATI.
I will post enough information for you to see the connections and proof therein. If you take the time to read through all of what Drake has said in the past 15 years you will find two very different personas, they are the same person though, as you will see.
There is the Vietnam veteran, also known as “ka-boom”, who served from around 1966-1968. He counsels people dealing with PTSD, he *is a member* of the Vietnam Brotherhood, and has “filled his share of body bags.”
Then there is the other side of the coin--Drake the occultist. I know that term carries negative connotations for some, but just take some time to digest this post in its entirety before you go and lose your head. [source VIVEK INVESTIGATIVE THREAD]

Intriguing stuff but what's the real story here and how does 'Drake' relate to the oriental 'White Dragon Society' if at all?
BONUS MATERIALS: latest web appearance from Bill Brockbrader (aka Bill Wood) and Eva Moore concerning the MASS ARRESTS issue of the 'whiter than white global restructuring' and the very interesting 'encrypted dot google dot com' for those who wanna do Dark. Are we ready for this REAAAAL CHAAANGE bull shit yet, as a race? Are ya?

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