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…whip Your Hair Back and Forth

By Zer @the2women

…whip your hair back and forth

...the only accessory you need...and possibly another set of hands...

The thing about fashion is that while it may be fun to look at, it’s often inaccessible to most of us.

We may love to glance at the trends of the time as they parade down the runway, but it’s from a distance.

But every once in a while some trend transcends that threshold and weaves its way down to the everyday.

The most recent of which is more accessible than you could possibly imagine.  In fact, just about any mildly dexterous, five-year-old could help you out with this trend–the braid.

What’s spurred this revival of the twisted locks?  And just when did the braid go out of style?

As with many fashionable choices, this one came out of function.

Luckily someone with a keen eye picked up on the multiple female tennis players at the US Open wearing braided ponytails.

When questioned about their fashion choice, most responded with something akin to  ”It keeps my hair out of my face.”

But don’t worry fashionistas, that has not stopped anyone from calling it a trend.

So bend and twist your hair with confidence knowing that it is currently stylish.

On the men’s fashion front, it looks like shorts, shirts, and tennis shoes will continue to reign.

Although look out for a few players to be mixing it up with hats…always pushing the limits.


“Long Braids Take Center Court at U.S. Open”: New York Times

…bi-daily smile…

it’s a timeless style

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