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Which Hechsher Will the Mock Meat Be Certified By?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to the Independent, China has signed a $300,000,000 deal to purchase lab-grown meat from Israel.
That is amazing. I had no idea that lab-grown meat was already marketable or nearing being ready for market.
I wonder if this meat will also be sold in Israel. If it will be, will it bear a hechsher? Will it be determined to be pareve? Will there be different levels of hechsher as with real meat, such as glatt, chalak, mehadrin and regular kosher, and maybe others?
I will assume there will be different types of meats grown in the lab to replicate different types of real meats. For example, I am sure there will be options such as meats similar to beef and lamb. WIll Israel also produce lab grown pork? Will the Rabbanut allow this and certify it as kosher? I don't see why not, as there are many mock foods already on the market, including mock bacons, that are certified as kosher.
the main question might be why the original article includes a picture of a panda bear. Will Israel be making mock panda bear meat? Or is it simply that the panda bear as a vegetarian will now be able to eat the lab-grown meat from Israel?
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