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Where Will All This End, We Need Tort Reform?

By Probestpest @ProBestPest

I think all of us remember that now famous issue with the very HOT coffee incident years ago, but a little information just as a reminder. A lady ordered coffee at a fast food restaurant and put if between her legs and it spilled or the cup broke anyway HOT coffee in her lap.

First off – Don’t put hot coffee between your legs, I would think that goes without saying! But apparently not. Well here is another one of those stories.

“Lawsuit: Bedbugs cost H-F Coach her Dreadlocks.”   So anyway here is my take on this issue.

  1. Bed Bugs DON’T live on humans. Lice do but not Bed Bugs.
  2. It sounds like the hotel, responded to the complaint next door and it sounds like they inspected adjacent rooms. Good Job. (I’m only reading a report of the incident, I wasn’t there.)
  3. With all the talk of Bed Bugs everyone should be aware of these little bugs.
  4. I’ve mentioned this before, Don’t Panic – don’t throw away mattresses and I see no reason to cut your hair. I know the creep factor is involved but come on, let’s not go overboard. $50,000 lawsuit see this is why we need Tort Reform. (my opinion)

I gave a talk years ago on Exceptional Customer Service – Do you know why all those items we use daily have warnings on them? Superman costume – not equipped to actually fly, lawnmower – do not place hands under mower when mower is operating, its because someone did it? I do realize we all do some dumb stuff but shouldn’t we really take responsibility for our own actions? So what do you think?


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