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Where to Buy Adaptive Clothing

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Whether you have a frozen shoulder and just find it impossible to get some clothes on and off and do up your bra, or you’re in a wheelchair and want pants that fit comfortably and don’t dig in or you have arthritis and find fiddly hooks, buttons, and zippers impossible to do up, adaptive clothing may be something worth looking into.  Maybe you need a special pocket to hold your insulin pump, or have a catheter or ileostomy pouch that needs to be considered.  It could just be that regular shoes are hard to get on and off.  

There are new adaptive ranges aimed at being inclusive for those who are differently-abled and may find regular clothing tricky to get on and off for many reasons.  I’ve been doing some research on where you can find adaptive clothing and here are just a few options I’ve found online and included in these shoppable boards and video.

Adaptive clothing brands and optionsAdaptive clothing brands and options

Don't forget that you can now get some great adaptive underwear. Bras and underwear that are easier to get on and off with front closures, velcro and magnets as well as side clothing underpants are great if you find these garments tricky.

Adaptive clothing from foundations to outfitsAdaptive clothing from foundations to outfits

Then you can complete your outfit with some great relaxed tops and jeans.

When searching online for adaptive clothing use the term "adaptive" in your search to find clothes that have been designed for this purpose.  You'll also find this term use for shoes as well that are easier to get on and off.

Where to Buy Adaptive ClothingWhere to Buy Adaptive Clothing


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