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Where the Stars Go Right with Their Oscars Frocks and Why They Work

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

The 2019 Oscars have just happened and I was saddened at the choice of many of the frocks, I mean when you've got the money and the stylists and the access to amazing designers - why, why, why were there so many misses on the red carpet this year? Way too many of them resembled the Toilet Roll Doll of my grandmother, and that's not a look I think is particularly stylish.

Rather than focus on the negative, I've found a selection of Oscars and Post-Oscar party frocks that work for each of these stars so that you can grasp a style concept and see it working in life. These concepts can be applied to any outfit or garment - as they relate to the concepts of Texture, Sheen and Pattern, as well as Colour and Value Contrast - all elements of style I've discussed here in detail before.

Finding Patterns That Work

This pattern on this dress works as the curved shapes of the flowers mimics the curved shape of the waves in her hair and her gorgeous rounded cheekbones. They are also a similar colour to her hair and the dress background a lovely skin enhancer. Her skin has a sheen that works well with the sheen her skin and hair too.

Choosing Textures in Fabrics

Heidi Klum's dress gold long frond texture is reminiscent of her layered hair texture. The high and low lights in her hair work well with the sheer dark background of the fabric and the gold textural details.

Naomi Campbell sporting her natural gorgeous curly locks rocks this textural fabric dress, where the elements are curvy and curly, just like her hair. The rill collar also harmonises beautifully with her hair as well.

Here is another example of fabric working with hair texture on AnnaLynne McCord - the tulle skirt has the same feel and colour as her wispy fine hair. The lightness of the fabric and the colour also work really well together. The curvy pattern in the dress bodice and the wavy hair with it's darker roots help to tie the two colours of the dress together in a way that creates harmony.

Choosing Outfits with the Right Sheen and Texture

Tina Fey's wearing of this solid colour (which works with her even complexion and one colour hair) in this hair and eye intensifying colour, with that long sweeping textural feel that mimics her longer sweeping locks. The fabric has a similar level of sheen to her skin and hair too - completing the look.

This gorgeous sequin gown worn by Samira Wiley is stunning as it reflects both the gorgeous sheen of her skin and the sequin shape is reminiscent of her curly hair - creating a harmony that is divine, along with a colour that is totally gorgeous on her.

Getting the Contrast Right

Love this gown on Serena Williams who has managed to get her colour and value contrast, and ideal value perfectly here. The inset panel of red is a similar value to her skin and a great skin enhancer (which is ideal to have right in front of your face) plus the shape of it replicates that shape of her jawline, and then the black works well with the value of her hair, tying both colours together and creating harmony. The choice of a more opaque and heavier weight fabric also works well with her muscular frame, the curves of the frill replicating the curves of her gorgeous body. Rocking it!

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Where the Stars Go Right with Their Oscars Frocks and Why They Work

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