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Where Have I Been?

By Authorsbelle @AuthorSBelle
Why haven't I posted anything?!  I have thought about this blog every day, but for some reason I haven't sat down to write a single word.  Perhaps I needed to experience everything first.  I'm nearing the end of this emotional upheaval, so writing should be easier.  Before, it would take an hour to write one sentence, what with all the crying.
That is so annoying by the way.  I have never been a crier.  I can easily count how many times I've cried, but this divorce has shown me a new side of myself.  It wasn't a horrible side, but I am now thanking God that I am not one of "those girls." 
This has been the hardest situation I have ever had to face.  Most days I have felt frozen, unable to complete simple tasks in a timely manner.  Weeks have gone by without my notice.  It will take time for my brain to step out of the fog, but my heart finally has.  I no longer cry at the drop of a hat, and I can receive a text or email from the ex without contemplating smashing my phone.  Time really does make a difference, I know that, but I would love for people to stop reminding me. 
That leaves me back at the question, where have I been?  I have no idea really.  I'm sure I've done a few productive things over the past four months, but I can't think of any.  In the beginning I was on autopilot, applying for jobs and working when I could.  Then I took a lot of time for introspection, that part was unintentional.  Now I'm back looking for a new job, hopefully in a new city.
The real me disappeared for far too long.  It's time to get back to who I really am.  I'm going to continue working on this blog, and my book.  I've even started a new partnership with my best friend, working on a young adult series.  My story didn't end that day.  If anything, it began.

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