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Where Has The Funny Gone?

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita

Where Has The Funny Gone?

I try to find humor everyday. This morning while I waited in line at Starbucks, I noticed two older Japanese men. ( I think they were Japanese, not sure) As they walked to their car, they were speaking to each other in their own language. What was so funny was, I knew exactly what they were saying without knowing the language.

The men were both in their late 70’s possibly 80’s. Great health and super cute. One of the men, who was in the best shape, seemed to show his svelte waistline to his friend. Then he poked the other guy in his gut! I thought a fight was about to break out in the parking lot! The man with the tiny beer gut then punched the other guy in his arm and they both laughed. I was laughing too from my car. They saw me and pointed and laughed again because they knew I knew what they were saying. Made my day to see two old guys ribbing each other about their weight.

Then I realized that was first time I had seen others laughing and joking in public in quite awhile. Where has the funny gone?

I know my girl gang group laughs often. We can’t help but act immaturely and laugh at things that most wouldn’t admit to laughing at. We don’t care. Laughing is good for the soul and if nobody dies, it’s worth the laugh for us. We get stares and nasty looks from people but then we notice some who laugh or chuckle while looking away from us. Maybe we are a bit too loud or our “tickle boxes” get turned over at the wrong time but we really don’t care. Life is too short.

I can’t watch regular TV anymore. I used to watch the news as I was getting ready in the mornings but a few months ago something was said on the news and I thought, really? They don’t report the news anymore. It’s all their opinions of what might be considered the news of the morning. Some mornings I actually about poke my eyeballs out with the eyeliner pencil because I’m getting so outraged first thing in the morning! Now I turn on a music video channel and mornings are much better.

Late night shows are nothing but politics now. Including Saturday Night Live. I just watched the first show of the season this weekend and was not amused. Now I watch comics on Netflix instead. If anyone brings up news or politics, I’m out. Friends who preach their politics or create controversy on social media get blocked. You see, life is too short to stay mad, sad, annoyed and frustrated. Where has the funny gone?

Comedians are under fire now too. Anything they have ever said or done is on video or Twitter. And will be used against them. To silence them. Now award shows go without hosts because no comic out there hasn’t said something politically incorrect. Freedom of speech much? Comedians used to say the things we were thinking but would never say out loud. They had a pass. Right or wrong, it made us laugh. Made us think for ourselves. Made it ok to laugh for awhile. No more. Where has the funny gone?

So I say this. I don’t care if I piss you off. Say or write something that offends you. It’s game on in this world. My goal is to make people chuckle for a minute to forget all the crap that is going on in our world today. We are not promised tomorrow and I don’t want to die being miserable and angry at the world. I want to go out laughing my butt off and drinking too many margaritas and still being in love with life. Let the miserable people sort out the social issues and politics. Me, I’m ok with not worrying about that stuff. Life is too short.

Peace Love and Margaritas!

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