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Where Does Pedovamp Nigel Fit into the True Blood Season 5 Puzzle?

Posted on the 31 July 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

I am intrigued by Nigel Beckford, the badly burnt vampire with a taste for tiny humans who now has joined the new Authority council.

Nigel is played by Henri Lubatti, an experienced actor with a very long list of TV credits, he is best known for his role of Ilija Korjenic on Sleeper Cell.

This is the casting call that Lubatti responded to:

[NIGEL] 30s to 40s. A grotesque-looking vampire prisoner, he’s been scarred, burned and deformed — punishment for his predilection for eating babies. 5 lines, 1 scene.

Those 5 lines and 1 scene have already turned into a growing appearance in 4 episodes and probably more to come.

nigel 284x300 Where does pedovamp Nigel fit into the True Blood season 5 puzzle?
Nigel Beckford was once a nurse practitioner in a maternity ward, but instead of delivering babies, he would eat them. He was arrested by the Authority and held prisoner in the cells beneath their New Orleans headquarters. In episode 5.08 Nigel mentions that he hadn’t eaten a child in over a decade, which would mean that he was imprisoned all that time. Why would Roman have kept him alive? A baby eating low life like Nigel would have no value what so ever so why not execute him instantly and free the world from a pedovamp?

Another thing that’s puzzling about Nigel is his appearance. His face and hands are completely burnt and he is not healing. If he was burnt before he was turned into a vampire, the scares would remain with him always, but someone with those looks would not get hired as a nurse in a maternity ward. The burns must have been caused by frequent exposure to the UV light in the cell where he was being held and malnutrition kept him from healing properly. Remember how Bill didn’t heal anymore because of the blood loss when Lorena tortured him. Now that Nigel is drinking human blood again, I see no reason why he shouldn’t start healing, but there are no signs of that yet.

How does Nigel fit into the story? What is his purpose? Why is even there?
I am open to all suggestions of which the wildest would be that Nigel is Warlow the vampire who killed the parents of Sookie and Jason.

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