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Wher Are All the Conservative Comedians?

Posted on the 27 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
 Lori Day wrote a wonderful article for Huffington Post about the terrible dearth of conservative comedians. She touches upon the radio vs. television divide, suggesting that conserviative commentators could use humor but they'd have to "lighten up" first. There's plenty of material out there, on both sides.
Please allow me to leave you with the best example of liberal humor I've encountered this year on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart is a god! The thirteen seconds from 8:38 to 8:51 did almost kill me, leaving me kicking, convulsing and hypoxic in the fetal position on the floor. That image is on the house -- you're welcome.
Why do you think there are so many great liberal comedians and so few conservative ones? It's not a matter of simply taking things more seriously on the right, underneath the humor and sarcasm, the famous liberal guys make extremely serious points. What is it then?
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