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When Your Dog Won't Brush... Leba III Pet Dental Spray

By Petslady @petslady

Leba III Dental Spray For Dogs & Cats: image via libalab.comLeba III Dental Spray For Dogs & Cats: image via libalab.com Frankly, I can't get to all of my dog's teeth before he starts just chewing on his toothbrush.  And my cat!  Forget it! She knows by the look on my face, that I'm coming for her and she hides, and fast. I don't even know where she goes.  So, what's a mother to do?

There are several products on the market that claim to help us out.  One, Leba III Dental Spray for dogs and cats has received a great response from pet moms and dads whose cats and dogs won't brush.  Of course, this natural, tasteless spray, should be just one facet of your pets' dental care, but it's a big part for those that use it.

The spray, which is used once or twice a day in your pet's mouth, contains the herbs, mint (Latin name Lamiaceae) and roses (Latin name Rosaceae) in trace elements that are stabilized in ethyl alcohol 25% and distilled water. These ingredients, it is claimed, loosen the tartar by balancing the chemistry in your pet's mouth, and eventually the tartar falls out. Wow!

If you trust the customer feedback on Amazon, your own jaw will drop on what customers say about the effectiveness of Leba III...

  • "...The dog with the worst plaque showed a significant improvement, and the other dog with moderate plaque was almost plaque-free. My husband and I couldn't believe how much change had occurred in just 2 weeks." 
  • " ....I had tried two other spray products over the past few years that did not work very well at all but I had never tried Leba III.  I decided to give one more product a try before going for the cleanings and am I ever glad I did. This product is miraculous. I saw a huge difference in the matter of a few days. The tartar was disappearing and the bad breath was gone...."
  • " ....This product must be used consistently, but it's simple--just a spray in the mouth once or twice a day. (I apply it right after my dog's mealtime so I don't forget.) While it isn't cheap, it's far less expensive than a dental cleaning at the vet's, and much safer than the dog undergoing general anesthesia...."

Having just unloaded $475 for a cleaning at the vet's office, I do think I will invest the $45 (almost 1/2 off at Amazon) for a bottle of Leba III that lasts for 240 squirts and, at worst, can help make the brushings more tolerable for the little ones.

For more information about Leba III For Dogs and Cats, visit the Leba website; you can even read about the blind trials conducted with the product.


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