When Was the Arch of Titus Constructed?

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When was the Arch of Titus constructed?Visit the Arch of Titus on our Ancient Rome & Colosseum Tour

Located in the archaeological area of the Roman Forum, the Arch of Titus is a large white marble arch, standing fifteen meters tall and 6 meters wide. It is one of the two oldest remaining arches in the forum. The identity of the architect is unknown as there are no surviving documents from the construction’s time.

The History of the Arch

The arch was built following the death of Roman Emperor Titus in 81D. Titus was emperor for only two short years but was a very much-loved ruler. The construction began in 82 AD by Titus’ younger brother Domintian, who became his successor, to honor his brother along the main street of ancient Rome. They held a festival in 85 AD after completion to commemorate the dedication. It remained intact over time, even after the fall of Rome in the fifth century, however, closer to modern times the building did deteriorate. This resulted in a restoration of the arch between 1817 to 1821, with major repair of the outer areas and its exterior columns.

The Architecture of the Arch

The arch’s decoration has not completely survived the ravages of time, however, there are still a few noteworthy carvings. The inscription at the center of the arch and is in situ. It translates as ‘The Senate and People of Rome, to Divus (meaning divine) Titus, son of Divus Vespasian, Vespasian Augustus.’ Side panels illustrate the war of Jerusalem. The first panel illustrates Titus’ triumph march over Jerusalem in 71 AD. The other panel shows Titus riding a horse-drawn chariot, being crowned by a manifestation of Victory. The arch depicts Titus as a god-like person, as seen in another illustration, Titus riding an eagle ascending to the sky.

How you can see the Arch

To see this incredible landmark and to discover the history and culture of Ancient Rome, you must visit the Roman Forum. It was once the social, political and commercial hub of the Roman Empire, with the Arch of Titus sitting along the main strip. We suggest taking a tour around the forum, so you can hear about the rich history of each artefact remaining. Marvel at this archaeological haven, with other significant sites including the Curia, funeral altar of Julius Caesa, and the House and Temple of Vestals.

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